Investor Protection Service

Investor Protection Service

Mohra Properties provides a pack of services to protect investors wishing to invest in properties in Dubai. We strongly recommend you to read more about our services and subscribe to our Investor Protection Package before buying a property or before making and financial commitments. The Investor Protection Package includes:

Verifying the authenticity of property specifications:

We have a process in place to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the details provided about the property you’re about to purchase. It’s important to always question the information provided by the seller, therefore, we will do the relevant investigation to ensure the promises are realistic when it comes to the location of the property, the quality of finishing, the availability of amenities and the seller/developer reliability.

Dedicated advisor to debunk false practices:

We are committed to exposing and dispelling deceptive or fraudulent practices. The real estate market in Dubai is new and booming right now, the fast growth usually comes with false practices by individuals and organizations trying to take advantage of new investors and home buyers, therefore, we will provide you with a dedicated advisor to provide you with accurate information and helping you avoid falling victim to false practices.

Legal documents and contracts review:

During the process of buying a property in Dubai you will be required to sign a number of documents including the booking for, the Sales and Purchase Agreement and the other forms, some of these documents are complicated and have thousands of terms and conditions, it’s important to consult an expert before signing any document, therefore, we will examine the legality, validity, and fairness of such documents to allow you to navigate legal matters with confidence.

Verifying the authenticity of payment channels:

The government of Dubai and the DLD authority regulated the payment channels when it comes to buying a property in Dubai. The seller/developer must follow the proper channels to collect payment from buyers and because there might be concerns about the security or trustworthiness of certain payment methods, we will help you verify the authenticity of the payment methods to avoid falling victim of scamming or unnecessary additional charges.

Representing the investor with the seller/developer:

The communication with the developer or the seller can be implicating and can be used against you in case of future conflict, you should not be communicating directly with the developer/seller without a third party to protect you from committing to any harmful situations. Therefore, we will act on your behalf when dealing with a seller or developer, we will advocating for your interests, negotiating on your behalf, or managing the communication and interactions with all the involved parties.

Negotiation and dispute management:

We don’t usually deal with conflict cases related to our clients because our Investor Protection Package is designed to avoid conflict, however, it’s important to have a specialist deal with any arising conflict, therefore, we have professionals and experts specializing in facilitating peaceful resolutions to disagreements or conflicts. We wish no conflict for you or your investments.

Property inspection and handover:

Once the construction of the project is completed, the developer/seller will request you to inspect the property, most investors conduct the inspection by themselves which can result to receiving a defected property, it’s important that a professional inspector to assess the condition and quality of a property before it is handed over to the buyer. Therefore, we will conduct the inspection on your behalf and reject/accept it based on what we see fit.

Property listing and resale opportunities:

We have exclusive network of international and local buyers and investors always looking for great real estate opportunities. We are also partners with the Dubai top listing platforms. This qualifies us to resell your properties at a high profit margin within a short period of time. The resale market in Dubai is very hot and we are the best when it comes to reselling your property with a high profit margin, therefor, with the Investor Protection Package, we will provide you with exclusive and profitable resale opportunities.

Further investment advisory:

Dubai real estate market is booming right now and there is a massive demand on off-plan properties to the point some of the projects can sell out in few hours, we will constantly update you on major and exciting projects which we believe can be great fit for your requirements. We are legally permitted to provide such advisory service.