Can I start investing with a small amount?

Yes, you can start investing in Dubai off-plan real estate with $50,000 as a down payment.

What is the expected profit when investing in properties under construction?

1- The rate of increase in the value of the property ranges from 100% to 200%.

2- The annual percentage of the rental return ranges from 10% to 20% of the value of the property.

Can you help me sell me property?

Once you buy the property using Mohra Invest and once the Title Deed is issued by the Dubai Land Department, we will be able to resell your property for sale, you should expect to receive resale offers when the construction of the project begins, more interest from buyers will increase as the construction progress.

Can I get a residency visa in Dubai by buying a property?

Yes, if you buy a property in Dubai, you will be eligible for a Dubai residency visa for yourself and your family members.

Do I have to come to Dubai to buy the property?

All the buying procedures can be completed without you visiting Dubai and without a power of attorney. We will assist you with the procedures once Mohra Invest chooses a property for you.

Why buying a property on Mohra Invest is cheaper?

Great properties with potential high capital gains often sell out so quickly and usually sold at the early-buyer-stage where the developer invites the whale investors to buy properties at discounted rates. Mohra Invest is linked to the top 20 real estate developers in Dubai and acts as a whale buyer on behalf of individual buyers to secure the early-buyer-stage discounted rates. That’s why buying a property on Mohra Invest is cheaper.

How does Mohra Invest help with payment plans?

Mohra Invest assists in obtaining flexible payment plans, with only 20% of the property price typically required upfront, and the rest can be paid during the construction phase. Due to Mohra Invest ability to access early stage buying, we typically get our users the easiest payment plans.

Can I buy multiple properties using Mohra Invest?

Yes, you can start by choosing your first property and once you get in touch with us we will assist you to get multiple properties at the same price. The opportunity to buy bulk deals can also be negotiated through Mohra Invest

When can I resell my property?

After completing the first payment of 20% of the property value, and after the property is registered with the Dubai Land Department under your name, you will have the freedom to sell the property anytime.

Do I have to come to Dubai to sell the property?

Yes, you have to personally attend at the Dubai Land Department to be able to sell your property in Dubai, but the process takes only one hour and the buyer usually covers the cost of the flights and stay. The other alternative is to issue a Power of Attorney to one of your friends or family members to do it on your behalf. You can also issue a Power of Attorney in favor of Mohra Invest and we will do the procedures on your behalf.

How can I recieve the payment when I resell my property?

Option A: You can receive the payment in cash, then you can deposit into your Dubai bank account. If you don’t have a bank account, we suggest that you open a personal bank account in Dubai, it’s easy and it only takes couple of hours to open.

Option B: You can recieve the payment as a cheque which you can deposit into your Dubai bank account.

Option C: You can receive the payment as a direct bank transfer to your Dubai bank account.

Option D: You can receive the payment as a direct bank transfer to your home country bank account.

Option E: You can receive the payment as crypto transfer to your crypto wallet.

Please note that the property transfer in Dubai will never be completed until the seller confirms receiving the funds safely. The entire process of transfer of property ownership is fully conducted and monitored by the Dubai Land Department.

Can foreigners buy a property in Dubai?

Yes, all foreigners can buy and sell properties in Dubai without having to be a citizens or residents of Dubai. In fact, most Dubai properties are owned by foreigners.

Why investing in Dubai market?

Mohra Invest was built by Dubai AI engineers and Dubai real estate investors who have track records of achieving high profits by investing in early in properties under construction. This method works only in Dubai because of various reasons including the safety of funds, during the construction phase, the government control the bank accounts of developers and make sure the developer does not misuse the investors funds into the project. Also, Dubai real estate mark is growing rapidly, as a result of the increase in the number of travelers to Dubai and the large increase in the population and residents.

Why investing in off-plan properties?

High Returns: Off-plan properties often come at a lower price point compared to completed properties. You can resell the property as the project progresses or once the property is completed, the value typically appreciates double or triple the original value.

Pay 20% Only: Developers often offer attractive and flexible payment plans for off-plan properties to attract investors. These plans might involve a low initial deposit followed by staged payments throughout the construction phase, reducing the immediate financial burden.

Ease of Reselling: Off-plan properties, due to their lower initial purchase price and potential for high returns upon completion, tend to attract a larger pool of interested buyers. This makes them generally easier to resell in the property market, offering investors a fluid exit strategy if required.

Do you offer additional services for investors?

Yes, Mohra Invest goes beyond just suggesting profitable properties and offers additional services including, reselling your property, personalized consulting, investor protection and documents review to ensure your investment journey is smooth and secure.

Who founded Mohra Invest?

Mohra Invest was founded by Alaa Mohra, a renowned real estate investor in Dubai who has a proven track record of successful property investments. Here is a list of properties and official certificates of ownership of properties Alaa Mohra bought and sold with a profit using Mohra Invest

  • Apartment No. 4405, Vida Marina project, with a value of 1,800,000 AED.
  • Apartment No. 2501, La Vie Residence project, with a value of 4,350,000 AED.
  • Apartment No. 1803, Paloma Tower project, with a value of 3,000,000 AED
  • Villa No. B266, Tilal Al Ghaf project, valued at 2,000,000 AED.